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Business Litigation

Partner Paul Jacobs has 35 years of litigation experience representing large and small clients, from IBM and Carl’s Jr. to local family owned businesses. He has won million dollar judgments on the plaintiffs’ side and prevented million dollar judgments by representing defendants who never should have been sued in the first place.

Business disputes erupt every day for a myriad of reasons. At Jacobs & Dodds our focus and our goal is to resolve the disputes in the shortest time possible and in the most economical fashion. Informal dispute resolution is utilized whenever possible. Sadly, however, some disputes can only be settled in the courtroom.

Unfair Competition

An employee leaves the company and takes the customer list with him. A former employee opens up a competing business and undercuts his former employer’s prices to gain an economic advantage. An employee convinces several of her co-employees, while she is still employed with the company, to come to work for her as soon as she leaves the company and and starts up a competing company. Sound familiar? At Jacobs & Dodds we work to protect our business clients from these and other predatory unfair competition practices. We take swift decisive action, including immediate injunctive relief, to protect our clients’ interests.

Employment Disputes

Jacobs & Dodds defends employers against employee wage & hour claims, wrongful termination actions, discrimination claims and whistle blower lawsuits.  Our firm handles cases in state and federal court.

Our attorneys also protect employers by drafting employee handbooks and serving as a resource for employers when they need sound business law advice on handling employment matters.

The attorneys at Jacobs & Dodds also defend employers at state administrative hearings.

Business Formation

Each of the law partner at Jacobs & Dodds has over 30 years of legal experience in forming corporations and limited liability companies. We have formed hundreds of corporations and limited liability companies. Our fees are reasonable. We encourage business owners who are contemplating the formation of a corporation or a limited liability company to give us a call so they can speak with one of our attorneys. There is no charge for telephone consultations.

Drafting Agreements

The attorneys at Jacobs & Dodds have been drafting contracts, independent contractor agreements, partnership agreements, and other business contracts for over 30 years. Protect your business. Make sure the contract you are about to sign is clear, protects your interests, and correctly sets out the terms you agreed to before you sign it.

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Jacobs & Dodds specializes in handling the collection needs of businesses seeking a commercial collection law firm with time proven debt collection methods that are cost effective and efficient. Using the latest technology in skip tracing and asset location, and backed by in-house attorneys with over 30 years of commercial collection experience, our firm is capable of handling claims from inception to post judgment.

The amount owed on each debt must exceed $50,000


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