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Employment Lawsuit Defense

Effective Torrance Attorneys Defend Against Employee Lawsuits and Claims

California law firm represents employers in wrongful termination cases and wage and hour claims

When workers file employment related lawsuits and claims, including wrongful termination cases and wage and hour claims, strong defense counsel is necessary to protect employers’ legal rights without unduly disrupting business operations. The experienced employment law attorneys at Jacobs & Dodds deliver strong advocacy to California companies in an efficient manner. No matter what type of allegation you are facing, we will make a detailed review of the relevant facts to maximize your chances for a successful outcome.

Accomplished defense litigators handle a complete range of workplace cases

In addition to the possibility of significant damages, litigation filed by employees threatens companies’ ability to maintain an orderly work environment. We have detailed knowledge of federal and state employment laws and use this information to oppose complaints alleging:

  • Discrimination based on race, religion or ethnic background
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Gender and pregnancy-related discrimination
  • Workplace safety violations
  • Quid pro quo and hostile work environment sexual harassment
  • Age discrimination
  • Violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Whistleblower retaliation
  • Wrongful termination

No matter what the specific issue is, our attorneys will communicate clearly and ensure that you are informed of your available options at every stage.

Skillful lawyers assert employers’ rights in court and administrative proceedings

In many cases, administrative review by state or federal authorities is a required precursor to filing an employment lawsuit. Our firm represents clients before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and government boards. Often, claims can be defeated at this stage, saving employers time and expense.

Contact a knowledgeable attorney for comprehensive employment defense advocacy

Jacobs & Dodds represents California employers in a full range of workplace litigation matters. Contact us at 424-247-1195 or online to schedule a consultation.


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